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Late Night project

Managed some late night time to hardtail this 1985 FXWG frame with some Softail rear axleplates. The frame had previously been altered to accept a Twin Cam, so it was not a pristine original to say the least. I have Dan R to thank for going through the ’95 Evo and finding enough spare parts to assemble a 4 speed trans.


  1. Gordo says:

    She going to be a beauty Kev, any update?

  2. Russ Vennes says:

    It’s off to a real nice start! I noticed your weld on hardtail sections look real nice, almost can’t tell that they’re add on, very nice work

  3. Honest Josh says:

    Looks good as always kevin! Love the blog it looks great

  4. Marty Pielach says:

    You have an awesome website Kevin. Impressive projects too.

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