If it ain't Real it ain't Steel!


Question:   “How do I pay for parts from Fab Kevin?”
Answer:  NEW!!! I now accept Visa and MasterCard over the phone (for now, if this takes off we’ll add online payments) Call 586-291-4798 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
I also accept: 
  Money orders, made out to:
Fabricator Kevin
44306 Macomb Industrial Dr.
Clinton Township, Mi 48036
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  I do not accept personal checks without prior authorization.
Question: “How long does it take to make and ship my parts?”
Answer: I can “usually” design, manufacture, and ship out a part within 2 weeks. There are always exceptions, and items in stock usually ship the day after payment arrives. I can quote accurate delivery dates if asked.
Question: “How do you normally ship the parts?”
Answer: I ship everything UPS ground, and cannot ship to post office boxes.
If the item is small, I occasionally ship US Mail.
If you need “next day air”, please let me know, so I can price out shipping accordingly.
Question: “Should I send the money order Priority Mail?”
Answer: The answer to that is: NO! Here’s the reason. If the mail delivery comes at lunch time, or any other time I may not be here, it gets returned to the post office, and I have to go pick it up. This usually results in it taking longer than regular mail.
Question: “What do you need to use as a pattern to make your parts?”
Answer: If you have something special that you want fabricated,
there are several ways to convey the idea to me.

  1. Send me a detailed drawing with dimensions, along with some good description of anything not shown on the drawing. Also, include a phone number for me to contact you with any questions.
  2. Send me a template. You can make a template out of nice heavy posterboard, or a ceral box. Do not use shipping cardboard, as it is not accurate enough to hold a nice shape. Make the template as accurate as possible, because the part I make will match it EXACTLY, unless there are instructions to the contrary with the template.
  3. Email me an Autocad file (.dwg). This is a great way to save a few dollars, as I can easily convert an Autocad drawing to machine logic.

If these ideas are not easy for you to do, contact me and I can see about sending you a simple drawing for you to “fill in the blanks”. I usually need some conversation on the phone to get things like this made right, and it doesn’t work well on complicated stuff.

Do NOT send templates priority mail, or registered mail if you are in a hurry. If my mailman comes at lunchtime, and I’m not here to sign, I have to schedule a trip to the Post Office, and it usually takes a couple of days extra with all of the confusion.

Question: “What is the capacity of your Plasma or Laser machines?”
Answer: I can cut from 16ga. (.059″) steel, to 1/2″ plate on the Plasma cutter, and almost the same capacities on the Laser, but I can also do aluminum, and stainless steel with the Laser.
Question: “Why is the Laser so much more costly then the Plasma Cutter?”
Answer: The plasma cutter is an accurate machine, but it has limitations. It cannot make small, precise cuts like a laser. The expendable parts and set up time are much cheaper than the laser, so the cost per hour to cnc plasma cut is about 1/3 the cost of the laser. I try to Plasma cut whatever I can to keep the costs down.
Question: “How do I prepare my parts for paint after I get them?”
Answer: Many times I ship the parts with a scuffed finish, and all that is necessary is to wipe them down with a de-greaser before applying paint. If you use a rattle can, you can get good results with Rustoleum brand, and especially good results with Rustoleum “Hammertone” finish. That paint is durable, and easy to apply. Be sure to spray in a well ventilated area, in the correct temperature, and to use proper safety equipment like a respirator and safety glasses. Another trick, is to use a blow dryer on the parts in between coats. This will speed the drying time,and allow you to put several coats on in a shorter amount of time.
Question: “Do your parts come with installation instructions?”
Answer: No. Most of them are simple parts, and with the type of customers I sell to, instructions aren’t needed. If you think you might have a problem with the installation, I am always available to answer any questions, or help guide you through it. Do not be afraid to ask me – I want you to be happy with the parts, and comfortable with the installation.
Question: “What if I want a part that is not on your site?”
Answer: I do LOTS of things that aren’t on my site. Besides making proprietary parts for other shops, I do many “one-off’ parts for the home builder. Send me your idea, and I will work with you to get it made. I do not duplicate special parts from my customers, unless I have their approval to do so.
Question: “I want a high quality part, and I want it cheap”
Answer: I try to price my stuff fair, and give the highest quality I can. “Good” and “Cheap” should never be spoken in the same sentence.
Question: “What is your guarantee?”
Answer: 30 feet, or 30 seconds – whichever comes first.
Actually, I stand behind everything I sell, and offer full replacement or refund on any item that doesn’t live up to its claim, or to your expectations. I work hard to make sure the parts you get from me will do the job they are intended to do, without fail.
Question: “I sent Kevin an email, and he didn’t reply”
Answer: This is a question that I hope is never asked. I try to keep up with all of my communications. Sometimes I get a lot of inquiries, and my replies are short. Sometimes, I don’t have the time to answer a tech question as complete as I’d like to. I try my best, and if my answer is not complete enough, please let me know, and I’ll try to clear my answers up.