If it ain't Real it ain't Steel!

Cable Footclutch


I spent a couple of hours this evening finishing up a cable actuated foot clutch for a customer with an e-start shovel. I altered the control so it will work much better as a foot clutch, and make for an enjoyable riding experience. I can do this to your controls too.

Shop Flag


On September 10th, 1813, an American Bad Ass known as Commander Oliver Hazard Perry sailed off to face the British in the Battle of Lake Erie. His battle flag: “Don’t Give up the Ship” flew above him as he defeated the British, even though he was heavily out gunned. My friend Marion suggested this flag for my shop. I like it.



Silent phones and no foot traffic means Sunday is a perfect day to make stuff. Took yesterday’s pile of castings and got a frame 80 percent done. I love my job.

Welcome to the new Fab Kevin website


Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to check out the products I have to offer here at Fabricator Kevin’s. If you are building a chopper from scratch, I have a lot of components that you will not find anywhere else. Items on this site were designed by me, are manufactured by me, and will help to make your bike the best it can be. If you see an … Read More →