If it ain't Real it ain't Steel!

Welcome to the new Fab Kevin website

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to check out the products I have to offer here at Fabricator Kevin’s. If you are building a chopper from scratch, I have a lot of components that you will not find anywhere else. Items on this site were designed by me, are manufactured by me, and will help to make your bike the best it can be. If you see an item similar to mine on someone else’s web page, you can be assured that they took the idea from this one. I take my craft very seriously, and pride myself on the reliability of the parts I design and sell.

Have a look around, and feel free to contact me with any questions, by email at: fabkevin@comcast.net or by calling the shop: 586-465-2600


  1. Dutch says:

    Amazing upgrade on the site, Kevin! Looking forward to a December visit to pick up the stuff you have been working on for me!

  2. hacksaw says:

    looking good, man!

  3. Dave (DB) says:

    Nice site Kevin. Put you on my bookmarks bar for quick access.


  4. ed says:

    How do I sign up for the free Shovelhead hardtailing service. 🙂
    Great website.
    Great parts

  5. Bull Dawson says:

    I’ve been following and admiring Fab Kev’s ingenious products and meticulous craftsmanship for several years now and I’ve heard nothing but good reviews from those who have invested in his products. He is one of the most genuine people you’ll ever have the pleasure of dealing with.

  6. Fritz Schoemaker says:

    Nice upgrade Kev. Will be talking with you about springtime for some more work, maybe sooner. Merry Christmas!

  7. Mike R says:

    Excellent web site and services! Kevin helped me with a foot clutch set up on my 75 FXE, and adapting new forward controls to the old shovel frame. Awesome guy to do business with!

  8. Peter says:


    have you any idees on how to make a tankshifter for the right side on a nighttrain 2007?

  9. Steelchoppin says:

    This website is outstanding! Good to see a real American company building kick ass parts!

  10. rick in va says:

    looks good Kevin. But damb what a motly bunch replying about your new cyber digs

  11. terry Lee says:

    I read the Horse Magazine all the time and I saw your add could you send me some information on the kick start arm in your add as to the cost and if it has a locking device on the pedal so that it stay in place when not needed to kick the bike over.

  12. Richard LEATHERS says:

    I ordered a clutch release arm for my pan it would not work because of my pipes coming out the wrong side I called Kevin he asked me to make a drawing he would see what he could do he wasted zero time made my part fit like a glove and is completely bad ass I have the dual rear caliper set up single shot tail light and tag bracket and am ordering the curved shift arm tomorrow all parts are very well built and are probably my favorite parts on the bike thanks Kevin I truly appreciate your help without u I wouldn’t be jockey shifting my pan

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