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Shop Flag

On September 10th, 1813, an American Bad Ass known as Commander Oliver Hazard Perry sailed off to face the British in the Battle of Lake Erie. His battle flag: “Don’t Give up the Ship” flew above him as he defeated the British, even though he was heavily out gunned. My friend Marion suggested this flag for my shop. I like it.


  1. Dave (DB) says:


  2. Kimberly Arlene McCollum - Hansen says:

    Hi Sir Kevin,
    I recently read an article in “The Horse” #127 Feb 2013. I was completly amazed at the way in which you expained yourself step by step so even beginners such as myself could find it very intriging. thank you so much and if we have meet before in California years ago then please contact me via my e mail. Thank you.

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