If it ain't Real it ain't Steel!

Fab Kevin Deluxe Seat Kit

Price: $269.00

Have you been trying to find that perfect combination for a nice seat on your new Chop or Bobber? Well, if you like to RIDE more than you like to "profile", this kit will put a seat on your bike that will let you burn up the miles.

This kit has everything you need, including a West Eagle Hi-Back Thin Solo saddle with a naugahyde skin sewn over a padded 12 ga. steel seat pan, a Stainless Steel Fabricator Kevin Seat Hinge, (2) 3" seat springs, a pair of Fab Kevin Spring Bungs (that are already fish-mouthed to allow easy mounting to your frame), and a pair of leather washers for the springs to rest on and eliminate scratched paint and squeaking. Everything you need to get your bike on the road, without worry of part failure in the middle of nowhere. I chose to use this seat because of it's high quality, and the fact that it is built on the heaviest weight pan in the Industry. The rest of the kit is made by me - to last forever. Why would you install a lesser combination on your 'sickle that you KNOW will fail?


 Note - other West Eagle seats are available in a package, but costs may vary.

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