If it ain't Real it ain't Steel!

Space Saver Fender Mount Kit

Price: $40.00

This is a new kit, designed to mount on fenders with very little clearance between the inside of the fender and tire. Simply drill a 3/8" hole in the fender, and insert one of the threaded top-hat style inserts from the inside of the fender. Lightly tack it in place, and the outer bung will then mount to the outside of the fender with the button head screw that is supplied. 3/8" diameter round stock can then be welded to the outer bung, or flat struts can also be welded to the bung (neither is included)

(1) package includes (4) bungs, (4) top hat threaded insters, and (4) stainless steel button head screws.

$40.00 plus shipping


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