If it ain't Real it ain't Steel!

Foot Clutch Cable Kit

Price: $245.00

Have you wanted to Jockey shift your 4 speed electric start bike, but couldn't figure out a reliable way to make the cable work?? Here's your answer! This kit includes a premium cable made especially for me, by a major USA cable manufacturer (no cheap imports here!).

Here's how the kit works: you send me your left side foot control. I alter the lever that the shift linkage normally attaches to, and ship you back a system ready to bolt in place that is reliable and SMOOTH. I prefer to sell this kit by phone, so I can discuss the bike with the owner and avoid any unnecessary delays. Turnaround time is normally 1 week from the time I get your foot control, until I ship all of the components back to you to install. Installation is so easy, even Mikey could do it.

 Note: If extra quick turn around time is needed, a premium charge may apply, as well as increased shipping costs for next day air, etc.

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