If it ain't Real it ain't Steel!

Shovelhead Hardtailing Service!

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Own a titled '70-'85 4 speed frame and want to build a nice bobber/chopper out of it? I can help. I will install your frame in my jig, check it to factory specs and correct any inconsistencies, and then build and weld on a hardtail section to mimmick the classic lines of a factory rigid frame. I use cast steel MADE IN USA axleplates that are identicle to stock HD plates, and all of my mandrel bent tubes will fit the frame like they were made for it, because they were.
Kit prices (if you have your own frame jig) are $550.00 plus shipping, and for that price you get a pair of axleplates, all of the pre-bent tubes, all of the machined details and connectors, as well as a drawing illustrating where the axleplates get located, relative to the rest of the frame.
I will install the kit for an additional $550.00, and when you get your frame back - it will look like it came from the factory as a hardtail, not like a cheap add-on. I spend as much time as needed with each frame to make sure my customers are happy when they recieve them.
Shipping is easy, and turn around time is 2 weeks from the time I recieve the frame. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less - so call if you want to discuss this option for your bike. Building on a titled frame saves lots of hassles registering the bike, and greatly improves resale values.
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