If it ain't Real it ain't Steel!


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Springer Front Caliper Kits

Price: $235.00

This kit adds a 4 piston Tokico front caliper to your Springer front end. Included in the kit is a 4 piston Tokico caliper, swivel bracket, hardware to mount caliper to the bracket, and a 10mm banjo bolt for the brake line (same as HD). Bracket has a bronze bearing to allow the bracket to swivel on the axle as the suspension works.

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Brake Anchor Frame Tabs

Price: $10.00

This tab can be welded to the lower rear fork leg to catch Anchor the Brake Arm.

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Custom Stainless Steel Oil Tanks

Price: from $445.00

If you have a need for a Custom Oil Tank, with a battery box, oil filter, or a special need for plumbing, etc. contact me for pricing. Raw tanks with battery boxes start at 445.00 fully welded and ready to run. If you want mirror finish polishing an additional 125.00. I mean MIRROR FINISH!

I use my standard 5 3/4″ diameter tanks and custom tailor the length to suit, and the ends are domed, not flat. It adds a little cost, but the look is well worth it.

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Stainless Steel Oil Tank Kit

Price: from $160.00

If you can weld, this kit will save you big bucks over buying a pre-made tank, and you will also end up with a tank of superior quality.

This kit will give you everything you need to make an awesome oil tank for your Chopper…….
Included in the kit:

  1. 14 gauge. type 304 stainless steel tube (with all holes for mounting bungs and couplings pre-punched) 5 1/2″ inside diameter by 11 1/2″ long
  2. “Domed” end caps (made to slip into the ends), (3) 1/8″ NPT stainless steel half-couplings
  3. Mounting bungs with 5/16″-18 tapped holes (not shown)
  4. 1-3/8″ diameter tube to use as a fill tube (also not shown).
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Paughco Axleplate Protectors

Price: $39.00

These stainless steel plates mount to the axleplates on a Paughco frame, and keep the paint from scraping off when you adjust the axle.

The kit includes stainless steel mounting screws, and 39.00 plus 7.00 S&H will get it shipped to your mailbox.

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Fab Kevin Deluxe Seat Kit

Price: $269.00

Have you been trying to find that perfect combination for a nice seat on your new Chop or Bobber? Well, if you like to RIDE more than you like to “profile”, this kit will put a seat on your bike that will let you burn up the miles.

This kit has everything you need, including a West Eagle Hi-Back Thin Solo saddle with a naugahyde skin sewn over a padded 12 ga. steel seat pan, a Stainless Steel Fabricator Kevin Seat Hinge, (2) 3″ seat springs, a pair of Fab Kevin Spring Bungs (that are already fish-mouthed to allow easy mounting to your frame), and a pair of leather washers for the springs to rest on and eliminate scratched paint and squeaking. Everything you need to get your bike on the road, without worry of part failure in the middle of nowhere. I chose to use this seat because of it’s high quality, and the fact that it is built on the heaviest weight pan in the Industry. The rest of the kit is made by me – to last forever. Why would you install a lesser combination on your ‘sickle that you KNOW will fail?


 Note – other West Eagle seats are available in a package, but costs may vary.

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Torque Plates

Price: $65.00

Plates to join your motor to trans, CNC burned out of 1/4″ steel plate.
Available in plain (no cut-outs), or with Maltese cross cut-out, spider web pattern, F.T.F., or just about anything you can dream up!

Even available to join generator motors to late model 4 speeds.

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Stainless Steel Seat Hinge

Price: $105.00

This seat hinge is the last one you will ever need to buy. No more replacing cracked and broken sprung seat hinges in the middle of riding season.

These are laser cut from 3/16″ stainless steel, and can be fully polished to look better than chrome. They pivot on bronze bearings, for a squeak and rattle free ride – for life! They are 100 percent tig welded, and have a hole pattern to fit most solo sprung saddles. It has all of the features of my old steel kit, but in stainless steel.

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Iron Cross Points Covers

Price: $30.00

The “Kit”

The outer piece is steel, the inner piece is stainless, there is a protective film on it when shipped.

The outer piece after a quickie rattle can black job.

Just peel the protective layer off the stainless back piece, and put them together and install!

Fits: Shovelheads (cone), Evo’s, Ironhead Sporties and Evo sporties.

Only $30!!!!!


Now Available for Twin Cam Engines!

Also available for Triumph unit engine alternator covers!
Great stuff!!!!!!!!

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Fab Kevin Hardtail Fender Strut Kit

Price: $90.00

Looking for a clean way to mount the rear of your fender on that Hardtail? This kit will get you started in the right direction. Kit includes:

  1. Fender brackets to weld to the underside of the fender to accept the struts
  2. Blind Threaded Bungs to bolt to the Fender Bracket. These bungs also have a 1/2″ diameter pilot hole to accept the 1/2″ strut material – making it easier to piece together.
  3. Lower Bungs to attach the bottom of the strut to the frame
  4. pieces of 1/2″ 1018 steel roundstock for you to bend into shape and form the strut.

With this kit, you can cut and form your struts, and if you can’t weld – the pilot holes can be used as a guide so you can take them to someone to weld them up for you. You can even send them back to me to be welded.

This is just one more piece of the puzzle that will make your Custom Build look “Custom”. Struts constructed this way will hold up your fender forever, and allow for a passenger if you need to bring that little Stripper along for a ride.

 *Note – 3/8″ rod NOT recommended for use if a passenger will be riding the fender

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